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Instant Reporter Status ... Simply put. You'll become an INDEPENDENT REPORTER for Thunder Access.™ You'll also receive preferential treatment and other privileges not available to interns (our free version). You'll also have the option to get a Thunder Access™ News (microphone flag), press credentials and an automotive magnet. Together, along with our Positive News Desk,™ we can help shape the world ...

E-Sports Events ...  This is a new and destined to become a huge thing for gamers. There's actually leagues, major prize money and player six-figure earners. They've had many sold-out events and it's only going to get bigger. Players and fans will use Thunder Access™ to report on the sport. It's a great way for players to monetize their fan-base and a great way for fans to have greater access to their favorite players. It's a strong vertical for building your Thunder Access "news organization." In other words, more content-royalty checks for you.

Giving911™ ... Giving911™ is a "Heart Warming" Network that helps families and businesses in time of need.
"Episode Ambassadors" (reporters) and Judges choose which recipients receive a grant. Giving911™ can help local communities build Trust & Branding for the "Ambassadors" that service them. Imagine helping businesses and families, plus building your Brand? Thunder Access™ will make its "best efforts" to hold Giving911™ episodes as much as possible. Grants will be anywhere from $100 - $5,000. Thunder Access™ Reporters can have a local Giving911™ event or episode to help build branding and goodwill in your LOCAL area. It will drive more traffic to your Thunder Access™ News Channel, which of course, can monetize your efforts. And if you're an authorized "reporter," all setup fees and monthly fees have been waived. Become a Giving911™ Ambassador and help your local community.

Business Chamber of Commerce AAA+ Rating ... 17 years in the making. The Chamber is now fully cloud-based and virtually decentralized. You'll receive over 15 benefit and services to help your business grow, save on operating expenses and build your business skill-set. In addition, you'll also receive a AAA+ Rating from the Business Chamber Of Commerce Network for your business. No red tape. No meetings to attend. No politics. No upfront fees. No monthly fees. It's all part of the $10 reporter package. Click here to see the all the Chamber benefits included.

Crew CrowdFunding™ ... Crew CrowdFunding™ is NOT a crowdfunding platform. Crew Crowdfunding™ is a process designed to help ANY crowdfunding project creator, generate more contributors or investors regardless of what crowdfunding platform they're using. Example: Whether you're using Next-Level Africa, Kickstarter, Smashfund or indiegogo (can't mention them all), Thunder Access,™ via Crew CrowdFunding,™ will help fund your project in addition to what your crowdfunding platform generates now. HOW? One of the biggest ways people generate traffic to their project is, you guessed it, through Social Media. And of course, Thunder Access™ will be huge in that space.

What you'll do is "invite" all your contributors or investors to get their own Thunder Access™ channel. Why would they sign-up for Thunder Access™? Because it's only $10 which helps your project and at the same time, helps themselves. Contributing to your project can actually be a huge profit center. Furthermore, the process can be the gift that keeps on giving. How? Long AFTER your project is done, the contributions can still keep coming through YOUR Thunder Access™ News organization.

Consumer Seal of Approval™ ... Consumer Seal of Approval™ is a business rating process similar to "Yelp" but with a couple of major improvements. One primary benefit is pricing. "Yelp" typical pricing can be anywhere from $200 to $1,200 per-month. Consumer Seal of Approval™ will be FREE as part of your "reporter" status and your consumer ratings will be delivered in real-time, as is. In other words, unlike some "rating services" that hold you hostage with bad ratings unless you pay them or upgrade. That tactic will not happen with the Consumer Seal of Approval.™

Department of Jobs™ ... Employers and employees will love this. Typical job sites for employers costs anywhere from $59 to $750 per-month to advertise employment opportunities. As an employer, your price to advertise employment opportunities with us, will be $0. Unlimited postings. And of course, the site is also free for people seeking a job. Department of Jobs™ receives no commission from your employment. This is another "decentralization" process Thunder Access™ is initiating in the Job market. Build your Thunder Access™ channel by offering jobs from OTHER employers or yourself.

Content Mutual Fund™ ... Is Thunder Access™ a Mutual Fund? No, It's Better! In effect, it acts like a mutual fund because you can profit from all types of news, products, services and businesses indirectly. Think about it. When you have an actual Mutual Fund, you are "indirectly" profiting from various companies, right? You're NOT selling a particular product or service, you're NOT promoting a specific company, AND YET, you can profit from that. The drawback to an actual Mutual Fund is that you can ONLY be passive. There's not much you can do on a pro-active basis should you want too. So how does the Mutual Fund "effect" work with Thunder Access?

When people sign-up to become a Reporter, regardless of what product, service or company they're reporting on (or promoting), YOU BENEFIT because they are in your "news organization" and that PAYS YOU content royalties Including royalties from their sphere-of-influence and so on ... And, just like an actual Mutual Fund, you are indirectly getting paid.

Let's use Crypto-currencies and Crowdfunding platforms as an example, there's hundreds of them, right? But as people in your "news organization" start to promote a specific platform or company, again, indirectly, YOU are profiting from that. You might not even be interested in any of these companies, AND YET, you can profit without having to reach out or sell anything. NOW ... Let's say, you didn't just want to be passive. Let's say you wanted to be more PROACTIVE so you'll get better, faster results of what you want to accomplish. With our program, you can do that. Example: Let's say there was a specific Cryptocurrency you wanted to promote and as you do that through Thunder Access™ guess what happens? You'll receive larger content royalty checks.

Oh! And one other final note: Let's say you have a business. And a competitor is in your "news organization" (even if you didn't personally invite them), and as they promote their business guess what happens? You get more content royalty checks ... In other words. You can profit from your competition.

Whale of an Idea™ ... Think "Shark Tank" only you are the judge. Here's how it works. When someone is a guest on the show and they've finished their presentation. it's explained to the audience, that they can contact the guest DIRECTLY and have many different ways to get involved with the product or services presented. Example: Possible joint-venture, product placement, maybe a licensing deal or partnership, possible manufacturing deal, loan, become an affiliate or just to simply wanting to buy the product. Unlike "Shark Tank," Whale of an Idea™ receives no equity from the product presenter. How it helps Thunder Access News™ (and you as a reporter), is the additional exposure it can bring your "news channel" and, depending on the nature of the product or service, let's say it ends up in major retailers, you now have an in-road to that "retail buyer" because you helped the product presenter get their product in the market place. That's their way of helping YOU without cost. You can create your own Whale of an Idea™ show very inexpensively such a a podcast. Click here to see 2 episodes. If the show you produce is good, of course we'll air it on the Thunder Access News™ Network. There are no fees to be a Whale of an Idea™ producer, it's all part of the "reporter" program. Whale of an Idea™ is registered with WGAW Writers Guild of America Reg. No. 1567325

Support Local Business Day™ ... Support Local Business Day™ is a concept similar to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Those days produce a lot of revenue mostly for large retailers but very little revenue for Local businesses. And, those days are only once per year. I say, let's help "decentralize" the process by having a day that helps local merchants on a worldwide basis and make it not just once per-year, but every month! Introducing: Support Local Business Day™ ... This will take place on every third Wednesday of the month.

This is the day that merchants can do special promotions (just like black friday and cyber monday), with a soon-to-be recognizable name: "Support Local Business Day." Did you know that just one purchase per-month from a local merchant can save thousands of jobs? Merchants can download free window posters to let people know that they're part of the Support Local Business Day™ family.

Login Rebates™ ... Here's How The "Login Rebate" Program Works ... Retail merchants (and other merchants too), drive their customers to a "rebate website" for registration and rebate confirmation. Customers that wish to receive their rebate, discount or any other promotion that a merchant offers, goes to their computer and simply fills out a form with their name and email address (takes only a few seconds). Once completed, a confirmation email is sent to the customer with the promotional offer. Once the customer clicks on the confirmation email, this qualifies them for the promotion or rebate. Once they click on the confirmation email, the customer has 30 days to take advantage of the merchants offer or rebate.

Let's take a look at what this does for the merchant ... Example: Let's say the merchant has a product or service that normally retails at $89, but they want to discount it to $59. Instead Of The Discount, The Merchant Does This: They keep the $89 retail and offer a completely hands-free $30 rebate. Once a customer pays the $89, they'll take their receipt home, register at the "rebate website" and click on the confirmation email. Once completed, they bring the "confirmation information" and receipt back to the merchants location (that's right. they come back to your location), to get the rebate (cool huh?). It's pretty simple to setup your Login Rebates™ program. You will need an autoresponder. As a retail merchant, you can build a very large list, and, it's a buyers list from using this program.

5-Star Dining Rated™ ... What Does This Program Do For Restaurants? ... It gives you immediate extra cash-flow because of the new 5-Star Rating for your top selling Entree' and Dessert - Guaranteed! Will I Have to Re-Print My Menus? ... Not to start! ... Right-out-of-the-gate you'll have your servers point to which items have the 5-Star Rating. Then on your next printing, add the 5-Star Rating logo and any price changes. You'll also be able to start your 5-Star Rating in one day. There are no food critics involved (thank goodness), and your new rating allows you to raise your prices and still serve as many meals and entrees' as before (if not more). You can start advertising your rating immediately. Your rating is issued by the Chamber of Commerce Network via Thunder Access.™

TANemail (thunder access news email) ... Unlike other email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail
and so on, TANemail™ is "encrypted" so you don't get "prying eyes" and your emails are NOT scanned or data-mined while they're in your inbox or saved emails. This is our own email client and you'll have full access.

Better Than DropBox ... We'll have a service similar to "dropbox." You'll have storage in the cloud, send and receive from any device can be used with any device and most importantly, NO FEES! Again, it's all part of the $10. This is our own service.

GrabChatter ... With GrabChatter™ you can "stream" your videos "live" in realtime. Unlimited videos. You can also save them for replays and more ... This is our own streaming service.

Remember! All of the above benefits and services
are included in your $10 Reporter status package.

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